Urban Gardening

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Battling Invasive Plants in My British Allotment

Gustav Emilio

I asked David, an old friend who lives southwest of London, UK, if he could …

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10 Low Maintenance Plants For your Balcony

Gustav Emilio

Transform Your Balcony Into a Lush, Stress-Free Have If you’ve ever wanted to transform your …

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From Tiny Seeds to Fiery Delights: Growing Chili on My Balcony

Gustav Emilio

As someone who loves to cook and experiment with flavors, chili peppers have always held …

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Finding Hygge in My Scandinavian Minimalism Garden: A Journey of Personal Discovery

Gustav Emilio

As the hustle and bustle of everyday life weighed on me, I yearned for a …

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Reviving the Past: Embracing the New Victorian Garden Trend

Gustav Emilio

Dear fellow garden enthusiasts, As a passionate gardener and admirer of all things botanical, I …

Solar & Batteries

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Harnessing the Power of Tesla’s Powerwall – Why I Love It and How It Works

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I’m an avid fan of renewable …

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The Four Types of Solar Panels: Which One’s Right for You?

As we continue to face the environmental challenges of our time, solar energy has emerged …

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