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Under the Moonlight: Sexual Energy and Its Connection to the Moon

Gustav Emilio

As I sit down to write this deeply personal blog post, I’m aware that the topic I’m about to dive ...


My Journey to a Peaceful Night’s Sleep: Overcoming Insomnia Without Pills (and with a Little Help from Melatonin)

Gustav Emilio

Hello, dear readers! As many of you know, I’ve been struggling with sleep problems for years now. I’ve always been ...


From the Shadows of the Schoolyard: A Journey of Overcoming

Gustav Emilio

Every life is marked by defining moments, and for me, the shadows of the schoolyard cast a lasting impact on ...


Ancient Herbs to Ease Anxiety and Stress: Nature’s Time-Tested Remedies

Gustav Emilio

In today’s fast-paced world, stress and anxiety have become increasingly prevalent. Many people are searching for natural ways to manage ...


Life with Generalized Anxiety Disorder: A Personal Journey

Gustav Emilio

As someone who has been living with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) for quite some time now, I’ve decided to share ...


Acne and Me: A Lifelong Struggle with Self-Acceptance

Gustav Emilio

As a middle-aged man, I find myself reflecting on my past, and one aspect of my life that has always ...


Breaking Free: Challenging Fatphobia and Embracing Body Positivity

Gustav Emilio

As someone who has lived in a larger body for most of my life, I have experienced my fair share ...


My Breakfast Journey: Discovering How Morning Meals Impact My Blood Sugar

Gustav Emilio

As a self-proclaimed breakfast enthusiast, I have always considered the first meal of the day to be my favorite. I ...

Do I have Migraine Headaches?

Gustav Emilio

Common Headaches or Migraine If you have headaches and are wondering if they could be migraine headaches we can probably ...

Chakra Balancing

Gustav Emilio

Chakra is the Sanskrit Word for Wheel Chakra reconciliation is founded on the ancient Amerind impression in a series of ...

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