Astrological Love: How to Know If Your New Relationship Will Work, According to the Stars

Gustav Emilio

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Are you smitten with someone new and wondering if the stars align for a lasting connection? Astrology can offer a glimpse into your compatibility and provide valuable insights into your relationship dynamics. While it’s important to remember that astrology should not dictate your life choices, it can be a fun and enlightening tool to explore. In this personal blog post, I’ll share my experience and tips on how to assess if your new relationship has potential, astrologically.

  1. Sun Sign Compatibility:

When we first think of astrology, we often think of our sun sign. My partner and I, for example, are a Leo and an Aquarius, respectively. According to astrology, these two signs are opposite each other on the zodiac wheel, and opposites often attract. But sun signs are only the tip of the iceberg. To really understand the potential of your relationship, it’s essential to delve deeper.

  1. Moon Sign Compatibility:

The moon sign represents our emotions, needs, and instinctual reactions. My moon sign is in Pisces, and my partner’s is in Cancer. Both are water signs, which indicates that we have a strong emotional connection and an innate understanding of each other’s needs. If your moon signs are compatible, it can suggest a harmonious and supportive emotional foundation for your relationship.

  1. Venus and Mars Sign Compatibility:

Venus and Mars are known as the relationship planets, governing love, attraction, and passion. My Venus is in Virgo, and my partner’s is in Taurus, both Earth signs. This implies that we share similar values and enjoy a stable, grounded relationship. Our Mars signs are in Sagittarius and Gemini, respectively, which shows that we have a playful and adventurous approach to passion.

  1. Communication Compatibility:

Understanding how you and your partner communicate is vital in any relationship. Mercury, the planet of communication, plays a significant role here. In my case, my Mercury is in Leo, and my partner’s is in Aquarius. Although our communication styles may differ, we are open to learning from each other and adapting to bridge any gaps.

  1. Aspect Compatibility:

The aspects between your planets can give you a more nuanced understanding of your relationship. For example, my partner’s sun conjuncts my Venus, which means that our love and attraction are amplified. Look for aspects like conjunctions, sextiles, and trines, which are generally considered favorable for relationships.

Astrology can be a fascinating and insightful way to explore your new relationship’s potential. It has helped me understand my partner and our dynamics better, which has undoubtedly strengthened our bond. However, it’s essential to remember that astrology is not the sole determinant of a relationship’s success. At the end of the day, communication, trust, and love will always be the most critical factors in making your relationship work.

So, while you shouldn’t solely rely on astrology, it can be a fun and informative tool to help you understand your partner and your relationship better. Just remember to keep an open mind, and that ultimately, your love story is yours to write.

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