The Culinary Masterminds Behind Gordon Ramsay’s Original 3-Star Brigade

Gustav Emilio


Hello, fellow food lovers! Today, I am excited to take you on a journey to the culinary world of Gordon Ramsay’s original 3-star brigade. I have always been a fan of Ramsay and his seemingly magical ability to elevate ordinary dishes to exquisite masterpieces. However, behind every great chef is an equally skilled team that supports and complements their vision. So, let’s delve into the stories of the talented individuals who have played an integral role in achieving the coveted Michelin 3-star status for Ramsay’s restaurants.

The Early Days: Ramsay’s rise to culinary fame began with his flagship restaurant, “Restaurant Gordon Ramsay,” which opened its doors in 1998 in London. His original 3-star brigade included a stellar lineup of chefs, who have since made a name for themselves in the culinary world. Key members of this brigade included Clare Smyth, Angela Hartnett, Jason Atherton, and Mark Askew. Their skills and dedication were paramount to the restaurant’s success, eventually leading to the prestigious Michelin 3-star rating in 2001.

Clare Smyth: Clare Smyth, a talented chef from Northern Ireland, began working under Ramsay’s guidance in 2002. As the first female chef to run a 3-Michelin-starred restaurant in the UK, she quickly made her mark in the culinary world. Under her leadership, “Restaurant Gordon Ramsay” maintained its prestigious rating until she left in 2015. Smyth has since launched her own restaurant, Core by Clare Smyth, which has also been awarded 3 Michelin stars.

Angela Hartnett: Another trailblazer in the culinary world, Angela Hartnett joined the team at “Aubergine,” Ramsay’s first restaurant, in 1994. As she honed her skills, Hartnett quickly became an essential part of Ramsay’s brigade. In 2001, she was appointed head chef at the Connaught, which under her leadership, was awarded a Michelin star. Today, Hartnett is a highly respected chef with a growing restaurant empire, including the renowned Murano and Café Murano.

Jason Atherton: Jason Atherton, the British-born chef, began his career under Ramsay in the late 90s. His tenure included working at “Restaurant Gordon Ramsay” and “Verre” in Dubai. Atherton then went on to open Maze with Ramsay in 2005, which earned a Michelin star within a year. In 2010, he launched his own restaurant group, The Social Company, with numerous successful establishments worldwide. His flagship restaurant, Pollen Street Social, was awarded a Michelin star within six months of opening.

Mark Askew: As the Executive Head Chef for “Gordon Ramsay Holdings,” Mark Askew played a crucial role in building the group’s culinary empire. He was instrumental in launching several successful restaurants, such as “Pétrus,” “The Savoy Grill,” and “Maze.” Although he left the group in 2011, Askew’s impact on Ramsay’s culinary journey cannot be understated.

The culinary brilliance of Gordon Ramsay’s original 3-star brigade has undoubtedly shaped the modern gastronomic landscape. Each of these gifted chefs has gone on to make significant contributions to the culinary world, showcasing their unique talents and continuing Ramsay’s legacy of excellence. The dedication, passion, and teamwork demonstrated by this extraordinary group serve as a testament to the power of collaboration in the world of fine dining.

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