Finding Hygge in My Scandinavian Minimalism Garden: A Journey of Personal Discovery

Gustav Emilio

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As the hustle and bustle of everyday life weighed on me, I yearned for a serene and comforting space to call my own. That’s when I decided to create my Scandinavian Minimalism garden, embracing the Danish concept of hygge – a sense of coziness, contentment, and well-being.

Creating my garden was a journey of self-discovery, as I sought to infuse my personality and experiences into this calming oasis. I’m excited to share with you the personal touches that made my Scandinavian Minimalism garden a true reflection of myself.

  1. Cherished Family Heirlooms: My grandmother’s wooden bench, a staple of my childhood memories, now occupies a prominent place in my garden. The bench not only offers a comfortable spot to enjoy the outdoors but also serves as a daily reminder of the love and warmth that Grandma brought into my life.
  2. A Nod to My Love for Cooking: As a passionate home cook, I’ve dedicated a section of the garden to growing my favorite herbs and edible flowers. From fragrant rosemary to delicate nasturtiums, my culinary garden has become a source of inspiration for my kitchen adventures.A Nod to My Love for
  3. My Reading Retreat: Nestled among the foliage, I’ve created my very own reading nook, complete with a plush, cushioned chair and a side table for my books and a steaming cup of tea. This cozy corner is where I escape the stresses of the day and lose myself in the pages of a good book.
  4. Lighting That Warms My Heart: I’ve always been enchanted by the soft glow of fairy lights, so I couldn’t resist incorporating them into my garden. As the sun sets, their warm twinkle creates a magical ambiance that transports me to a realm of comfort and tranquility.
  5. The Art of Nature: Inspired by my love for painting, I’ve added a few artistic touches to the garden. A mosaic birdbath, crafted from broken pieces of colorful pottery, not only attracts feathered visitors but also reflects my passion for creativity and the beauty of repurposing.
  6. A Memorial Garden for Dad: To honor my late father’s memory, I planted a small grove of his favorite tree, the dogwood. Beneath its blossoming branches, I placed a personalized stepping stone engraved with his name and a heartfelt message. This special corner of my garden serves as a tribute to a man who was not only my father but also my best friend.A Memorial Garden for Dad

Creating my Scandinavian Minimalism garden has not only provided me with a peaceful sanctuary but also allowed me to express my unique personality and cherished memories. As I continue to cultivate and evolve this personal space, I am reminded of the importance of finding hygge in the small moments and the beauty that lies in simplicity.

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